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The start of tax season has seen a noticeable increase in online, email based scams targeting taxpayers.  These scams are designed to look like legitimate tax-related emails from CPA’s, tax preparers, or tax agencies.  Be extra suspicious of any email that asks you to open a shared file, click on a link, or log-in to a website.  To be safe follow these guidelines:

  1. Maintain a suspicious mind.  Do not click on a link or log-in to a website just because the email appears to have come from a trusted source.  If you are suspicious, contact the trusted source by phone or through a separate email (not a reply to the suspicious email you received) in order to validate.
  2. If you open the shared file or click on the link do not type in your password.  A request for a password almost always indicates a scam.  If you are unsure, close the link and log-in to the website directly to check if the message or shared file is actually there.
  3. If you do give out your password and are concerned that you may have been scammed, change your password immediately.  Also change your password on any website where you used that same password.

Remember, I will never send you an email asking you to open a shared file or click on a link without speaking to you first.  I will send you secure files as PDF attachments only.  If you are not sure, call me.  I take my clients cyber-security seriously!

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